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6.21 The Auld Land Angel and the gang travel to Ireland to put a stop to Wesley's ultimate plans. However, problems resurface that could keep them from succeeding.

6.22 Feileacan Season Finale Angel discovers Wesley's true goals, but stopping him requires sacrifice.

[11.23.05 09:00]



AtS: No Limits is a not for profit fan-based effort not intended to infringe on the rights of Mutant Enemy, Fox, Joss Whedon, or any of the other copyright holders of Angel. We are not affiliated with the WB or with Showtime.

The rating for this season will not go higher than an R.

This season is slash-friendly.

A Message from the Showrunner

Hi all,

Due to health reasons, I'm forced to admit I do not know when, or if, NL is going to be updated again. There are a lot of things that were planned - another season or maybe movies, plus DVD extras for s6 - but it takes a *lot* of time and energy to make those happen and unfortunately right now I have neither.

Many thanks to everyone who supported s6 and who waited so patiently with the hopes of there being an s7. Also my apologies that my control freak nature meant it took this long for me to admit that it might not be happening.


Episode 06x21 and Episode 6x22 are now showing!

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The Premise:

AtS has been saved. It's been moved over to Showtime, whose motto is "No Limits". The budget is bigger, there are no advertisers to appease, and the S&P division doesn't worry about petty little issues like sex or swearing.

However, there are still restrictions. For example that rabid fanbase which will raise Holy Hell if their favorite show changes too much because of its new format.

Joss is busy working on Serenity, which leaves season six with its own version of Jeff Bell to get it off the ground. Before he left, though, Joss provided a list of things the show had to do: conform to the storytelling style established by the previous seasons, deal with the aftermath of the s5 finale, explore the new boundaries without alienating the fans and - oh yeah - stop pretending that the slashy subtext isn't canon.

Can it be done? There's only one way to find out....

AtS: No Limits is a fan-based virtual season which takes place after the finale of season five of the actual show. The goal of No Limits is to try to recreate as accurate a virtual season as possible given the restrictions listed above and the fact that we're writing stories instead of filming anything. If you would like to be aware of updates to the project, check out our LiveJournal. If you would like to join, find out how over at our call for volunteers. For more information contact us.